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Direct access to a dedicated licensed HR Advisor backed by a team of industry experts ready to provide support and answer your questions.

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Get job interview questions and new-hire forms plus details on exit interviews, COBRA, severance packages, non-disclosures and more.

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Keep workers comp claims in check with safety tips and training plus avoid costly fines and lawsuits with expert advice on

I-9, FMLA, discrimination and more.

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Keep easy-to-use templates for handbooks, reviews and more at your fingertips plus enjoy convenient access to online and on-site training.

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Manage employees and risk with convenient HR solutions from HR Shield—for just $49 per month.

Managing employees, on top of managing a business, is enough to send even the most organized, type-A business owner over the edge. Even for dedicated HR Managers, trying to keep up with thousands of changing federal and state regulations is a full-time job not to mention juggling exit interviews, maintaining clear policies and keeping all types of workplace discrimination in check.

Hiring a full-time licensed HR professional puts strain on your already over-tapped budget. You’ve tried other HR services but waiting three days for a callback and constantly being referred to outside counsel at $500 an hour isn’t working. Having online answers to frequently asked HR questions is great but sometimes you need to talk to professionals who know HR and labor laws like the back of their hand. Labor and employment lawsuits are on the rise and considering a single claim can set you back thousands—even millions—when it comes to HR what you don’t know can cost you big.

From employee manual samples to managing workmans comp claims, HR Shield is your best defense for managing human resource challenges.

With HR Shield, you get all the personal attention you can handle from your dedicated account manager—plus the experience and in-depth knowledge of our on-staff labor attorneys—all with a single phone call. Count on solid advice from experienced Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHRs) and have instant access to all the HR forms, training and templates you need. With HR Shield, you’ll be managing human resource tasks with confidence in no time.

Our HR solutions deliver the answers and support you need in whatever way works best for you. Whether you need HR consulting services to help stay compliant, expertise to bridge the gap in certain areas of HR management or you just want a convenient, comprehensive source for HR training, employment forms and employee manual samples, make HR Shield your one-stop resource. Where else can you get an entire HR management solution for just $49 per month — complete with a 30-minute callback guarantee?

Finally—flexible, affordable and convenient HR solutions that work for you including HR consulting services, help with all types of workplace discrimination advice, HR training and more. Get immediate answers, call (844) 447-7767 for more information.