Hey there! Yea, you, the business owner or HR manager looking to avoid bad hires and find the very best fit for your organization….. We’ve got great news!

HR Shield has partnered with the Omnia Group of Tampa to provide our clients with value-added hiring tools.

Who is the Omnia Group?

The Omnia Group is a behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm right here in Tampa, but they serve clients worldwide. They help companies of all sizes and industries avoid bad hires, manage more effectively, and retain top talent with remarkable results.

Through a variety of online behavioral assessment tools, their company is able to reveal an individual’s personality tendencies in the workplace, BEFORE they become a part of your team. Their “Omnia Profile” product is the only hiring tool that uses a customized position description based on client input to compare applicants to the specific employer workplace, the candidate’s future supervisor, and other employees already succeeding in the job,

How Can You Best Utilize the Omnia Group?

HR Shield Members often take advantage of our Company’s hiring and firing resources including job interview questions, new-hire forms, details on exit interviews, COBRA compliance, severance packages, non-disclosures and much more, but Omnia take your hiring capabilities to the next level! Omnia’s assessment of a candidate’s potential for success is based upon your definition of appropriate behavior for the available position within your Company; nothing is standardized.

Through this new alliance, clients of HR Shield will receive a FREE PROFILE with their initial order placed at the Omnia Group.

Never used such a tool? You’ll be pleased to learn that the Omnia Profile is independently validated as 93 percent accurate, is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias, and complies with current EEOC/ADA guidelines.

We invite you to join us in the upcoming weeks as we dive further into detail about the Omnia Group. We’ll be letting you know a little bit more about how hiring as well as internal promotion mistakes can cost your organization thousands of dollars – not to mention valuable man-hours and lost business potential. We’ll also be providing you with a quick “Vendor 101” crash course, where you will learn more about how to identify the best vendors of assessment tools. There are a lot of tools out there, but not every one is right for your organization.

For more information on the FREE PROFILE, contact your HR Shield Advisor or give us a call at (877) 636-9525. You can also access more information and view sample reports by clicking here!