“Assessment Tool” is a vague term used to describe a product that evaluates potential candidates for your company. After all, avoiding bad hires is important! People aren’t always who they appeared to be during that great interview.

Scan the web and you’ll find countless assessment tools from free-downloads to expensive multi-faceted platforms. As a hiring manager, how do you know which one is going to yield the best results? Which one is the best tool for your particular organization?

The following 5 tips are brought to you by the Omnia Group, HR Shield’s preferred provider of behavioral assessment and employment consulting services.

  1. Make sure you can speak with someone. If it’s an online-only solution, you don’t really know who or what is behind the tool. Are there real people to evaluate the results and offer advice if necessary? Or is it a standardized and automated process?
  2. Do they provide customized questioning? No two companies are alike. Just like people, each company has its own personality, culture, way of doing things, preferences, and more! Why should your tool for finding “the perfect fit” be exactly the same as the company down the street?
  3. Is the vendor’s assessment tool EEOC & ADA compliant?
  4. How long does the assessment take? Studies show that drawing out assessment tests for hours on end actually discourage candidates, frustrate them, and can bring out the qualities you DON’T want to see! By the time they’ve reached “Question #78” they aren’t even being honest anymore; they just want to finish your never-ending test!
  5. How quickly can results from the assessment test be provided? If the turnaround time is 3-5 days and you need to hire someone tomorrow, it may not be the right product for you!

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