CareerMany small businesses face challenges when it comes to recruiting new talent. The job market has changed drastically and in order to keep up with it, you have to do things a little differently. There are now many creative ways of recruiting great hires that are proving to be more effective than previous methods. On behalf of HR Shield, here are some of the best new recruitment strategies.

Self-Selection In order to get to the employees that are really interested in the job, give them an opportunity to prove their interest in between sending in a resume and showing up for the interview. You could invite them to an open house for prospective employees and see who shows up. This will help reduce the applicant pool to the ones who actually take the first step.

Avoid Job Fairs Job fairs often turn out to be huge crowds of people that don’t quite fit the role you’re looking to fill. Instead of attending events like these, look for other types of events where talent might be gathering. Even if these events aren’t necessarily recruitment events, you can still network and potentially find people that are qualified for roles in your company. Platforms like Meetup are a great place to start.

Look Back at Past Candidates There’s a reason why former candidates made it through the first round or two of interviews. If you passed on a good candidate in the past but it was a close race, they could be a good person to get in touch with now to see if the timing might be better suited for you both.

If you don’t have an in-house HR department, an HR Shield Advisor can offer assistance in recruiting talented new hires. Contact us today!