If you’re a business owner or hiring manager you’re likely aware of who the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is. This government organization processes about 80,000 job discrimination complaints each year, many of which turn into lawsuits against employers.  Your business may be at risk for having discriminatory practices without even knowing it!

For example, did you know the following about interviewing and hiring a disabled individual?

  • You can NOT ask a job applicant to answer any medical questions, take a medical exam or identify a disability during the application and interview stage. The law places strict limitations on employers and if you do this, you could face a complaint, or even worse, a lawsuit.  You can however ask an applicant whether or not they are capable of performing a specific job function with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • After the position has been offered to a candidate, you can then ask certain medical questions or ask the candidate to pass a medical exam. However, you are only permitted by law to do this if you require that all other new employees (disabled or not) with the same job type also answer the questions or take the exam.
  • Once an employee is hired, you cannot ask medical questions or require a medical exam unless you need medical documentation to support a request for a certain accommodation within the workplace, or, you are concerned about the employee’s ability to safely or successfully perform their job.

Does your workplace need help with specific hiring situations? A second opinion is almost always worth it. As employers, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to compliance. HR Shield’s expert team is ready to help; just contact our team at (877) 636-9525.

A CEO is always tight with his/her Board of Directors, Executive Vice President, Director of Operations, Chief Financial Officer and others on the leadership team.

It’s good to be close with as many people as possible…  After all, it is YOUR responsibility to know about each and every component of your organization. By any chance, are you close with your HR Manager and/or HR Department? Or are they more of an administrative function operating in the background?

We ask, because you may not know that HR should be “your best friend,” and should never operate in the background. No, you don’t need to spend weekends on the golf course or dining with one another’s families, but you need to work in sync with one another.

Here’s what HR is capable of (it’s not just employee management and administration):

  • Taking the Reins on a Cultural Shift: Are you a new CEO or President in the process of trying to transform your organization? What better place to start than with HR? They have access to each and every employee, know all of them, and can assist with the design and implementation of a new corporate culture.
  • Cost Reduction: You may rely on your Chief Financial Officer to tell you which budgets need to be reviewed or reconsidered. But, think about this: HR has direct access to all wage and hour information, benefits, corporate spending, programs, expenses and more. Ask for their input – it’s important!
  • Compliance: As a President or CEO, compliance better be your business if it’s not already. Avoiding criminal charges, building a positive reparation, ensuring workplace safety, and promoting employee morale are extremely important and they’re all part of compliance. Since HR normally manages and oversees compliance, it only makes sense to work closely with this department!

Today, with countless employment laws and regulations, the constant need to limit unnecessary spending, and the desire to shift toward a more positive culture, it is critical that Presidents and CEOs partner up and become “best friends” with HR.  In working together, stronger, more efficient strategies for improving your organization are born!

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“Assessment Tool” is a vague term used to describe a product that evaluates potential candidates for your company. After all, avoiding bad hires is important! People aren’t always who they appeared to be during that great interview.

Scan the web and you’ll find countless assessment tools from free-downloads to expensive multi-faceted platforms. As a hiring manager, how do you know which one is going to yield the best results? Which one is the best tool for your particular organization?

The following 5 tips are brought to you by the Omnia Group, HR Shield’s preferred provider of behavioral assessment and employment consulting services.

  1. Make sure you can speak with someone. If it’s an online-only solution, you don’t really know who or what is behind the tool. Are there real people to evaluate the results and offer advice if necessary? Or is it a standardized and automated process?
  2. Do they provide customized questioning? No two companies are alike. Just like people, each company has its own personality, culture, way of doing things, preferences, and more! Why should your tool for finding “the perfect fit” be exactly the same as the company down the street?
  3. Is the vendor’s assessment tool EEOC & ADA compliant?
  4. How long does the assessment take? Studies show that drawing out assessment tests for hours on end actually discourage candidates, frustrate them, and can bring out the qualities you DON’T want to see! By the time they’ve reached “Question #78” they aren’t even being honest anymore; they just want to finish your never-ending test!
  5. How quickly can results from the assessment test be provided? If the turnaround time is 3-5 days and you need to hire someone tomorrow, it may not be the right product for you!

Do you want to learn more about the Omnia Group? Visit our two previous blogs, Introducing the Omnia Group and Avoiding Bad Hires with HR Shield and the Omnia Group.

Clients of HR Shield receive a FREE PROFILE with their initial order placed at the Omnia Group.  For more information on the FREE PROFILE, contact your HR Shield Advisor or click here!

Last week we introduced the Omnia Group <Click Here to Catch Up!>, a Tampa-based behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm. This week, we’re talking a little bit more about the importance of avoiding bad hires, and how your organization can succeed at best hiring practices!

The Cost of a Bad Hire…

Despite high unemployment rates, you may still find yourself challenged with acquiring qualified talent… especially qualified talent with the right personality fit for your team!

A recent survey by Career Builder revealed that more than half of companies in the top ten world economies have been affected by a bad hire.  More disappointing news: The result of a bad hire isn’t just the headache it causes for the hiring manager; it’s a mistake that can affect the entire organization and can be quite costly. In the US, 27% of employers that took the Career Builder survey reported that the cost of a bad hire exceeded $50,000.

How does it add up that quickly? Bad hires result in fewer sales, less productivity, strained client relationships, recruitment dollars lost, training dollars lost, the cost to re-list the position and re-hire the right candidate, and more! Ouch!

Avoiding Bad Hires with HR Shield & The Omnia Group…

With HR Shield we make the employee hiring process work for you with quick access to the top 10 job interview questions, employee compensation tips, and more.

Hiring employees involves a long list of important details that, if not handled properly, can lead to poor performance and leave you at risk for major fines and potential lawsuits. Asking the right job interview questions to efficiently screen your pool of candidates and find the perfect fit is definitely a step worth taking.

Introducing new hires into your organization in a way that forms a solid foundation for a successful, and profitable, working relationship isn’t a bad idea either!   Studies show that formal onboarding systems lead to employees who are more satisfied with their job, perform better and stay longer. You can count on HR Shield’s comprehensive online library and expert team of advisors to make sure you have all the help you need throughout the entire employee hiring process. From orientation and training to new-hire forms and employee compensation tips, we’re here to help!

But, what if we told you that there was an assessment tool available to utilize throughout the hiring process that was extremely accurate (93% accurate to be precise) and has a track record of cutting turnover rates in half!? That is where the Omnia Group comes in! The Omnia Group’s Omnia Profile provides employers with a resourceful tool for cutting through resume catch phrases and instead providing you with an unobstructed view of a candidate’s workplace tendencies.

The Omnia Profile takes just 15 minutes for the candidate to complete and then gives you the insight to make a more informed hiring decision. The Omnia Report includes an easy-to-read graph and a full analysis of your candidate’s personality characteristics, indicating level of assertiveness, communication style, attention to detail, and pace. As an added bonus, there’s also an outline of strengths and weaknesses, follow-up interview questions with cues to listen for in responses, and, an interview scorecard.

Finally, to be certain you are making the best addition to your team, Omnia can even provide a cultural compatibility rating, based on your specific job offerings and management techniques. Finding someone who fits the “corporate culture” has long been viewed as a key to success for executives, although the concept has remained somewhat undefined – until now! Through compatibility testing, Omnia ensures that the employee is not only a great employee, but is one that will fit well into your organization and its culture.

Looking to hire someone THIS WEEK!? No problem! Have your candidate take the test now and the results report will be ready in just 3 hours! Best of all, is Omnia’s confidence in this great hiring tool. If your new hire does not work out within the first 6 months, they will provide you with a FREE PROFILE REPORT!

Ready? Let’s get started! HR Shield and the Omnia Group make hiring the RIGHT employee easier. Contact us for more information or click here to get started!

Hey there! Yea, you, the business owner or HR manager looking to avoid bad hires and find the very best fit for your organization….. We’ve got great news!

HR Shield has partnered with the Omnia Group of Tampa to provide our clients with value-added hiring tools.

Who is the Omnia Group?

The Omnia Group is a behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm right here in Tampa, but they serve clients worldwide. They help companies of all sizes and industries avoid bad hires, manage more effectively, and retain top talent with remarkable results.

Through a variety of online behavioral assessment tools, their company is able to reveal an individual’s personality tendencies in the workplace, BEFORE they become a part of your team. Their “Omnia Profile” product is the only hiring tool that uses a customized position description based on client input to compare applicants to the specific employer workplace, the candidate’s future supervisor, and other employees already succeeding in the job,

How Can You Best Utilize the Omnia Group?

HR Shield Members often take advantage of our Company’s hiring and firing resources including job interview questions, new-hire forms, details on exit interviews, COBRA compliance, severance packages, non-disclosures and much more, but Omnia take your hiring capabilities to the next level! Omnia’s assessment of a candidate’s potential for success is based upon your definition of appropriate behavior for the available position within your Company; nothing is standardized.

Through this new alliance, clients of HR Shield will receive a FREE PROFILE with their initial order placed at the Omnia Group.

Never used such a tool? You’ll be pleased to learn that the Omnia Profile is independently validated as 93 percent accurate, is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias, and complies with current EEOC/ADA guidelines.

We invite you to join us in the upcoming weeks as we dive further into detail about the Omnia Group. We’ll be letting you know a little bit more about how hiring as well as internal promotion mistakes can cost your organization thousands of dollars – not to mention valuable man-hours and lost business potential. We’ll also be providing you with a quick “Vendor 101” crash course, where you will learn more about how to identify the best vendors of assessment tools. There are a lot of tools out there, but not every one is right for your organization.

For more information on the FREE PROFILE, contact your HR Shield Advisor or give us a call at (877) 636-9525. You can also access more information and view sample reports by clicking here!